Sunday, January 5, 2014


I have a new toy. A new MAC MINI. I have been trying to learn Android programing on my DELL but it is too old to keep up with the Eclipse software and the Android Virtual Devices that I would try. I actually timed how long it took to start a Nexus 7 AVD and it was about 7minutes just to start it up. The MAC MINI that I have now is running OS X With a 2.3 GHz Intel i7 with 8gig of DDR3 RAM. So far so good. Running Eclipse and other software has been great. They only real issue I have had are related to getting use to the MAC OS. I already have an IPAD 2 and have been used to that but this is not quite the same thing.

It is strange to see the power coming out of such a small machine. My Dell XPS is about 10 times bigger in physical size but has less processing power. I have to give my Dell props. It is over 5 years old and is still running strong. It has seen its change of video cards as well as a hard drive update but after those changes, it was up and running and going strong. I still use it and so does my family, its not like its gone but it was time for a change for me.

You might be wondering, why the MAC MINI and not an IMAC or even a Chromebook. I looked into getting a Chromebook but I could not find someone that was using one to do Android programming. I do like the IMACS but I also like upgrading when I can. The MAC MINI allows for a user update to memory and hard drive where as not all of the IMAC line does not. The 21inch IMAC does not allow user updates but the 27in IMAC does allow some user update. I also had an extra screen and extra keyboard to use. The biggest choice I thought I had to make was, magic mouse or trackpad. The winner there was the magic mouse and I find it is awesome.

I look forward to getting to know my MAC MINI better and running more programs on it.. IWork's, iMovie, Evernote, Parallels and more.  Its the beginning of a long road.. paved with an Apple..

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Its Halloween.....Today is the day for kids to go out for some candy and scares. Cos-players can abound everywhere for contests, parties and just to dress up. So go on out there and enjoy yourselves and have a great time.

 Here is a nice pic I found from Check it out and others there.

And what about some Transformers cos-play videos.. Nothing says Happy Halloween more than being your favorite bot and then Roll Out :-) Check out the YouTube video below and more here

This is also a cool video.. 

I'll leave you with a bonus.. The bots getting down


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Loss of Some Good Google Services

I have been personally using google services for quite some time now. There are different services out there by many companies and some simply are better than others, that's just saying things fairly and keeping perspective. I will say that Google services, like Google Docs, Google Plus and Google Maps are constantly being added to and developed further. If there is anything that you want to see in a product is Development. I used others that are flashy and glitzy and that's where it ended. They promised future enhancements and they never came through. Some things do come to an end at times and we are never all happy about the same ending. Who wants their favorite TV show to come to an end, how about the best season your having or even a relationship. Nope, I bet everyone has at least one of those that they don't want to see with an ending. But products have their way of ending, either with evolvement, termination and sometimes both.

Unfortunately, some of Google's services are showing their endings. Lets take something that was used long ago, Google Notepad. It allowed us to keep simple notes and store them but without much flair. It was simple and useful but ultimately was retired and its replacement was to use Google Docs. Google Docs had more functionality then and has even more functionality now. We can create Documents, Presentation and Spreadsheets. The spreadsheets are still coming along. Most recently Google Keep was introduced. Its kind of like the older notepad. Someplace where you can put your notes in and store them for a bit and get at them readily on your mobile device.

Lets talk about Google Reader. In my opinion, one of the best places to follow stories on the web. Yes you can kind of follow stories on the web through Google Plus but its not the same at the moment. It might get there one day but its not there yet. Instead of having a true alternative, we are forced to use other services. Not really a good idea to have your followers find an alternative product like Feedly.
The iGoogle site was somewhat similar to Google Reader in a way. It allowed you to see your email, the weather, some items from reader, current movie times and more. I say it was similar because it was many different things in one area to view almost all at once but alas it is also being retired.

I am also going to miss Google Latitude. I used it to verify my mobile location, where my friends were/are at and simply helping to find one another. I liked it and it felt less intrusive than Facebook and other services that seemed so much more public. I am starting to use Waze more and hope that it shows more features like Goggle Latitude, especially since Google now owns them, so we are going to have to wait and see.

Last two things that are on the current "short list," among other things is Google Catalogs and Google Checkout. Google Catalogs was a nice idea. I had a few favorite catalogs that I would look at and some that I had not seen in quite some time. I never did feel the urge to buy from it. Why you ask, because it was not so easy. I felt that it was just a way to look at stuff and not purchase so what benefit did it play to Google, not much that I can see. Google Checkout is being removed but believe it is because of the push for Google Wallet. Seems like most places I turn to are looking at different payment methods. The easier it is to pay with something and still be secure the more users have a tendency to use it, it kind of makes sense.

We don't always know what companies are planning or thinking. Look at all the Samsung Galaxy devices, Apple iPads and upcoming smart-watches and see innovations at work. Development has a way of bringing things new to us and bringing older items to a rest. Lets hope that with every item that is retired, a new product that out ways with more benefits comes to bring new life.

The official Google blog regarding what is to close as of March 2013 is below.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

iPhone 5 or Galaxy S III

My dear wife, my oldest and I are due for new phones soon. My honey has had her eye on an iPhone since they came out. Problem is, we are with T-Mobile and they don't sell the iPhone. ( That's another story entirely ). We are due for a renewal soon and that usually comes with a new phone. I know my honey is getting the iPhone, that's a given. My honey deserves it. My oldest is going to get a new phone too but that choice will be easy. Most likely iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. That choice depends on the deal at the time. Myself on the other hand will be going by choice and by cost. I don't want to spend more than what we spend on the  iPhone for my honey but if I can save some money I will do that as well. Its not easy putting down  money for 3 phones with Christmas right around the corner. So I am looking at the Pros and Cons of the iPhone as well as the Galaxy S III. I am also comparing them price wise, which right now they are about the same.

The two devices are really good. Good cameras, solid devices, and good software. The iPhone has been out longer and is more polished at the moment but the S III is a very strong competitor. 

Along with the phones is the choice of Carrier . Verizon or AT&T. I know that Sprint has the devices as well but around my travel area Sprint does not have the best of signal. Right now, Verizon has the best signal compared to AT&T but they are also more expensive. Do I risk the chance at dropping a call but saving a few dollars. Hmm.. What a thought that is... Everyone knows that you pay for that answer at the moment you need the phone the most.

So help me out readers.. what are you thoughts.. iPhone or Galaxy S III.. Verizon or AT&T...

iPhone  or SII

Monday, October 22, 2012

vJournal for Evernote

I almost always use my iPad for work. If I leave my Bluetooth ear piece home, I am ok without it. If I forget my iPad, I am sure to head back home for it. There are a few iPad apps like notability, note taker, Evernote and even the default note app that I use often. The other day, I found an app called vJournal for Evernote. It looked like an interesting app. I have wanted to keep a journal of my daily en devours.  I thought it would be an easy way to keep a journal of the things i do on a day to day basis. My love for it was a bit short lived. On day one, I thought it was fun. I put a few items in it posted them and I liked it. Then I tried to edit a post found out I could not. I tried to find a pen setting , there is none. I tried to add a picture, no such luck if you don't have the paid version. I did not remember seeing a paid version when I saw it. I did go back and check and saw that there was a paid version. It is not that expensive and after reading the description, it doesn't look like you get more than with the Free version. I did like that I can put a check box next to typed text, but that's is where it ends.

My notes were saved to an Evernote document online so I could access then through my Evernote apps and on the web. That is a good feature of Evernote and nothing new by way of the Journal app. I could now review a posted note and edit a note, all through Evernote. In the end ,I found no true use for vJournal for Evernote. It did not really add any feature to Evernote that it did not already have. Use it if you like, but I will be using the space on my Ipad for something else. In the mean time, I will continue my saving of notes and more, right through Evernote.

To see more information on vJounal for Evernote, Click here
To see more information on Evernote, Click here.